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 Cats At Sea

Although cats generally dislike water, they seem to happily take up residence on ships. Sailors being renowned for their superstitious natures, like to have cats on board as they are said to bring good luck. Also apart from keeping the mice and rat population under control, they make playful and affectionate companions.

Cats became a very popular companion at sea and their migration around the world has been helped by there affinity to ships. Sailors have had a special, unbroken relationship with cats stretching back to ancient Egypt. The cats ability to keep vermin at bay earned them a special respect from the members of any ships crew. Such was the cat's influence that fishermen's wives kept black cats at home to prevent disaster at sea.

Although the church once condemned cats as "witches companions," sailors did not take heed of it, and cats were looked upon as good luck charms, they were believed to have miraculous powers that could protect ships from dangerous weather. It is a fact that cats can detect slight changes in the weather, and they will often become nervous and restless just before a storm. The ship's cats were always well-fed, contented, and treated with respect by the whole crew.

 Seafaring Simon - The cat awarded medals

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